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3 years ago

Welcom to SiGMA social network

This is the first post on Sigma social network. You can create a new hashtag by typing #hashtag or choose from previous hashtags and You can also type @admin to mention existing users and send a notification to the person .


3 years ago

به شبکه اجتماعی سیگما خوش آمدید

این اولین پست در شبکه اجتماعی سیگما می باشد . شما میتوانید با تایپ کردن #هشتگ ، هشتگ جدید ایجاد کنید و یا از میان هشتگ های گذشته انتخاب کنید . همچنین میتوانید با تایپ @admin یوزرهای موجود را مخاطب قراردهید و برای فرد مورد نظر یک اعلان ارسال کنید .


3 years ago

Velkommen til SiGMA sociale netværk

Dette er det første indlæg på Sigma sociale netværk. Du kan oprette et nyt hashtag ved at skrive #hashtag eller vælge blandt tidligere hashtags, og du kan også skrive @admin for at nævne eksisterende brugere og sende en underretning til personen.

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Sigma - Laravel Social Network Script

Welcom to SiGMA social network

This script is programmed by PHP and based on Laravel 8. This platform is coded based on Twitter and has many features of this system . This system uses Bootstrap framework and JavaScript library .
This system supports 3 languages such as English, Persian and Danish by default . Google Translator is also used for easier translation . For maximum security, the minimum available packages have been used .
Leave your comments with us to upgrade and improve this system .
Support Email :

Main Page look like this

Main Page Dark version

You can register with this link : Register

You can Login with this link : Login

Regular User

Email :

Password :

Main Features

  • Post like Twitter
  • Story
  • Profile
  • Chat
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Bookmark
  • Report
  • Follow
  • Pages
  • Multilingual

RTL (Right to Left)

Include RTL version , You can support all the languages for your users

Read Full Documentation

You can read our Documentation on